BIND OFF Vs 3 Needle BO

I’m new to the forum & was wondering if I can do a 3 needle bind off on a sweater shoulder instead of a regular bind off where I have to sew shoulders together.

Sure. 3 needle bind off is stronger and more stable for shoulders, too.

It’s the best way imho.

I agree, if you can possibly use it, do. Once you try it you’ll look for places to use it.

True! Besides, anything to eliminate a seam. :thumbsup:

Thank You…I love the way the 3 needle bind off looks when finished. I’m terrible at sewing seams!

Sewing seams is easy so long as you remember a few handy tips:

a) block your work

b) block your work

c) block your work (got it)?

I used a moderately hot iron (set to “wool”) and steam, iron very gently (with almost no pressure) and let it rest.

For mattress stitch I always begin on the wrong side by threading my yearn through the edge leaving a tail of about an inch poking out, then bring the yarn up to the right side where all the rest of the work commences.

It’s important to realise what mattress stitch will do: it will pull two edges together (no overlap) and if you decide to do it a column of knitting in, will form a ridge on the wrong side (which is cool).

I always sit in very strong light (preferably sunlight) so I can see exactly where my needles going.

My two cents’ worth …