Bind Off too Tight

I’m making my sister a simple baby blanket. I am knitting squares of different colors each 7"x7". I am having issues when I bind off. The bind off is too tight and makes the one end curl slightly. I’ve tried knitting the row before looser to help, but the yarn is bulky and frays easily. Any ideas to make my bind off looser? Thank you!

On your bind off row switch to a larger (even up to 3 sizes larger) needle size-works for me every time.

If you’ve never switched needle sizes while knitting, all you do is put the new size in your right hand and knit onto it from your left-if you weren’t binding off then once all the stitches are off your left then you’d grab the other bigger needle and start knitting with it. Now you have two bigger needles in your hands!

I knit loosely when I do a bind off. Works for me.