Bind off - ribbibg

Is there a different way to bind off a 2x2 rib. I knitted a bootie that end with 2x2 rib and the opening is now tight and doesn’t stretch. I used a needle 2 sizes larger to do the rib.

How can I make the bind off elastic ?

This bind off is super stretchy! I don’t think you’ll want to use a bigger needle with this one.

the jssbo I would have also recommended. Sounds great. Just made a little sample but it worked well. And after the catbordhi video you can make it, no problem!

thanks a lot I’ll try that at home today . Is it easy to take off the bind off that I did previously?

I found a viedo online to unravel bind off. thanks guys.

it is not hard, but you have seen that now. if you sew off, originally it becomes a lot harder (advantage of the sewing method, but hard to undo).

just remember, you need more yarn for the super stretch version of course. that’s why you should use string straight off the ball of yarn when you start over (or you will have to tie in new yarn in the middle of your cast off… might be a nasty spot, who knows?

ur right, I had already snipped the yan and when I tried to do it I was short of yarn, I unravelled everything it was a small booties so it was not much.