Bind Off ((really dumb question))

When a patterns says to Bind-Off 5 stitches… Will there be a total of 4 or 5 stitches on the right needle??? (assuming that the binding off is the first thing that you do).

I’ve been counting the final number of “bound off” stitches on the right for my number… and I think that might be wrong… I THINK that I should be counting the stitches on the Left… ((So when I have one stitch that has been bound-off on the right, that would be 2 stitches bound off))


When you have finished binding off a million stitches, you will have one on your right needle.

Knit two st to start with. Bind off one and then knit the next. Then each time you put one loop over the end of the needle, count that as one bound-off stitch.

No, you actually have to bind off the loops of five stitches. Slip the first stitch, knit (or purl) the next, pass the slip stitch over and off the right hand needle–that’s one bound off. Knit the next st, pass the stitch on the right over and off–two stitches bound off. Knit the next st, pass the right st over and off–three stitches bound off. Repeat. Repeat.

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