Bind off questions - Knitting cardigan from bottom up.

Hello :slight_smile: Can anyone help me interpret the following pattern instructions? I am making the large size(in bold). The cardigan is knitted from the bottom up. I’m at the point where it’s time to separate right front, back and left front and work each section individually.

Top right front

With the 61(64)67(70)73 right front sts work as established and begin neckline decreases: on a RS row work the 11 border sts, skp, work to marker. Turn work and leave the other sts on hold. Repeat the neckline decrease every 1 cm 20(20)21(21)22 more times. (I understand this part, I am decreasing the neckline every other row- which should will equal close to the armhole width noted below after my last decrease)

Here is where I’m stumped:
Note: When the armhole measures 20(21)22(23)24 cm, on every other row bind off 3x7(8)8(9)10 sts and 1x8(8)10(10)9 sts at the shoulder.

? I don’t know what 3x(9 sts) and 1x(10sts) mean? Am I binding off 27 stitches after the 11 stitch border pattern then binding off 10 sts near the edge of the shoulder per row, every other row until I have the remaining 11 border stitches left?

After all the decreases there are 11 sts remaining on the needles Increase 1 st for seaming at the shoulder end. Work as established with these 12 sts. When the back border measures approx. 8,5(8,5)9(9)9,5 cm lightly stretched, bind off. (I think these 11 stitches are the neckline pattern for which I continue to make a border to sew on top of back piece)

Thanks for taking a look:)

Welcome to KH!
What is the name of your pattern?

The initial decrease is one stitch every cm for a total of 22 times (22sts decreased). Then at 23cm, bind off 9sts at the shoulder every other row 3 times (another 27 sts decreased). Finally, bind off 10sts from the shoulder edge (another 10sts decreased). That’ll leave you with the 11stitch border.

Yes, the 11sts plus one more near the seam edge will likely form a collar.


Thank you so much for your reply!!! That makes sense now.
Here is the pattern link:

I’m so glad I joined this group. What a wealth of information here. I’m a newbie knitter (taught myself in 2018 watching YouTube videos while the Eagles won the Superbowl) and I can’t put my needles down :slight_smile: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn:


Thanks for the link. It’s a lovely sweater with gorgeous length.
Good for you for teaching yourself! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.


Thank you. I was a lifetime crocheter but always had a desire to knit. Once I figured out that knitting continental style was for me, I was hooked!

The sweater is for my daughter. She requested a longer sweater. I’ll have her model it when it’s done.
Thanks again!