Bind off question

I am currently knitting this lovely shawl:

But am not at all sure how to do the bind-off. The one row that is used for the entire shawl includes yarn overs, which I’ve never done in binding off before.

Can someone PLEASE help me figure out how to do the bind-off for this?


What kind of bind off are you planning to use?

It seems to me that in most bind-offs you make a stitch on top of the stitches on the row below and then bind off those [I]new[/I] stitches (so you wouldn’t actually be binding off the YO itself). Does that work?

If not, I’m sure someone else will chime in and correct me in my ignorance!

I’m not sure either…but what cast on did you use and can you try to match it? I’d think you’d work a stitch in the yo of the previous row to use in the bind off.

If not, I’m sure someone else will chime in and correct me in my ignorance!

Me, too!

Beautiful shawl. You definitely want a light and airy looking bind off so the advice in the pattern to use a larger size needle is very good. As Antares said, if you bind off loosely in knit or purl, you’ll be knitting the yarn overs onto the right needle before actually binding off. That will then be the same the usual bind off.

I used the long tail cast on, but I used 2 size 8 needles held together. Then I pulled 1 needle out before I started to knit. When I bind off, I usually just continue with the pattern. Like if it’s K2 P2 ribbing, then I do that for the binding off stitches.

I wasn’t sure what to do for this pattern, since it has yo’s for every row and I didn’t know if I should do a yo during the bind-off process or just knit all the stitches while binding-off…


If the row includes decs you need to work YOs into the BO too. You can do a knit BO on the WS for a garter ridge on the RS, or a purl BO on the RS for the same effect if you want. It’s really your choice.

Thanks suzeeq.

Since I’m using some fuzzy mohair-type yarn for this shawl, I’ll probably knit up a sample using smooth yarn so I can practice the bind-off beforehand. I’ve found that it’s extremely hard to tink stitches with fuzzy yarn without it getting tangled and/or knotted.

And I DON’T want that to happen. :frog: