Bind off question

I’m working on a child’s sweater and about to start the v part of the neck. There are 45 stitches on the needle. The pattern says to work over 22 stitches. Then to bind off 1 stitch tightly and finish row. Usually when I bind off, I knit 2 stitches and take one off. So do I knit 22 then knit 2 more and bind the 2nd off? Or knit one more and bind off one of the 22? Not sure, would appreciate help.

In order to BO a stitch, you have to knit 2, but you just count the first st passing over the other one as the BO. So knit 22 sts, then knit 2 more, BO 1 and knit the 21 sts on the left needle. You have one st on the right needle after the BO and when you knit the last 21 sts, that gives you 22 on each side of the middle stitch.