Bind off pick up?

I’m knitting a hat.
&&I did the back, cast off,
&&Now I get to the right ear, &&I’m confused…
Where am I picking up stitches and how exactly?
am i casting on four, than picking up seven from the back??

Back: With straight needles, using orange, cast on 11 sts. Work following Stripe Sequence, inc 1 st each side every 6th row 6 times – 23 sts. When 36 rows of Stripe Sequence have been completed, end on WS. Knit 2 rows yellow, knit 2 rows orange, knit 2 rows red. Bind off.

Right Ear: With straight needles, using blue, cast on 4 sts, with RS facing, pick up and k7 sts across first 7 bound-off sts of back, cast on 4 sts – 15 sts. Purl 1 row.

(heres the link

Cast on 4 sts with the blue yarn, then with the same needle that has the sts on it, pick up 7 sts in the first 7 sts you bound off on the back. Then cast on 4 more sts which will give you the 15 sts for the earflap.

Sue is right. When you bound off the 23 stitches you were working over, the 7 will be the first 7 of those stitches you bound off. There is a video on this site, here is a link to itLINK .

This will show you how to pick up stitches. If you are using the same color sequence given you will have done 2 knit rows of orange and the last 2 rows you knit would have been red, then you bound off with the red. I would insert the needle (or crochet hook–depending on how you like to pick up the stitches, I use the needle) right below the bind off edge. It looks rather like a line of crochet chains when you look straight down at it from the narrow edge. Right below that chain edge (on the RS) is a line of purl bumps that look kind of like little, gentle hills “nnnn” (sort of, these are the purl bumps). Right above the spot where two hills meet there is a tiny hole, you can’t see all the way through it, but it is an indention. So it is below the bind off chain edge and where the indention is between the two purl bumps. I’d use that spot to insert my needle to pull up a stitch loop to add to the 4 blue stitches you cast on. Pick up a stitch in the first 7 of them, and don’t miss the first one that is just to the left of the purl bump right at the end of the line.

I hope that helps. LOL