Bind off/pick up stitches question

I’m knitting a cardigan from Lion Brand (short and chic cardi).

Lower band is K2, P2 rib. After lower band is done, pattern says to bind off, but do not cut yarn. The row before the bind off is a wrong side row. After I bind off I’m on the RS. Pattern than states for the body: From WS, using attached yarn pick up and k stitches as follows…

How do I pickup stitches from WS if I am currently on the right side?

Also, when I bind off do I leave the last stitch remaining on the right needle since they do not want me to cut the yarn?


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Link for those who want to look -

Leave the stitch on your needle and turn your band so the WS is facing you (you finished on a RS row), then using the yarn, pick up stitches. When it says `pick up a k 1’, that means to pick up the st knitwise, all in one action.

I’ve been looking at this and it is confusing to me too. According to the RS/WS rows and number of rows given, it seems to me that the last row you knit would be a right side row. Then the BO would fall on the WS row, then when you turn to pick up stitches you would be on the right side, but it says to pick up from the WS. If you pick up from the wrong side the seam created by picking up the stitches is going to be on the RS of the sweater. Won’t it? Right after the pick up row it says you are on ready to knit a RS row. I’m confused. It says there are no pattern errors. How am I thinking wrong here?

Another angle to look at it is that you should begin the first RS row of the body part (after picking up the stitches) at the right front edge of the sweater. Is that going to happen with the directions given?

Do you think they could want the seam from picking up stitches on the outside as a design feature? I think there is a way to pick up stitches from left to right, I did it once, but can’t remember how it works.

I’m confused. It says there are no pattern errors. How am I thinking wrong here?

Well, it is a Lion pattern and they often have a lot of errors. I noticed all that you mentioned too. It could be that by picking up from the WS in the top of the BO, that the chained edge shows on the RS as a design feature. I’ve seen something like that done before. Or maybe you pick up in the back loop of the stitch just under the BO. It’s one of those experimental things or write to the designer to ask for clarification, I guess…

I looked at a picture of the cardi enlarged, they do put the seam side of the picked up stitches on the outside as a design feature.

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