Bind Off on edge of sweater: does it have to be on right side?

I guess this might be one of those stupid questions as I could just do it and compare…but… I did a k2/p2 ribbing on the edge of a vest, with buttonholes. After I bound off and tried it on, I found it had distorted the whole vest (it was too tight including the bind off).

So I ripped the last row, did one more (stretchier) row and now I’m ready to do a stretchy bind off but I’m at the wrong end ha and not binding off on the right side. Does that matter? I have a feeling it does, won’t look as good. I could do one more row to put me at the other end but my buttonholes are getting further and further in there. geeez, this vest just won’t get done

If you’re binding off ‘in patt’ (rib) it should look the same regardless of whether you BO on RS or WS. Binding off kw or pw, RS or WS, comes into play more where there’s a definite st patt on the RS or you need for the BO sts to appear a certain way (angle to RS, WS). But ribbing is reversible so looks the same both sides.


really! Thanks Cam, I will try it then. saves a lot of extra effort.