Bind off on both sides

I’m knitting myself a Rosedale cardigan from and it’s my first cardigan with raglan decreases. I have attached the sleeves and I’m approaching the neckline.

It says to:

On next two rows, BO 10[12, 12, 14] sts at the beginning of the row while continuing to work raglan decreases every row as established. 58[66, 70, 78] sts remain.

Where do I bind off? It says to do so “at the beginning of the row” but does that mean I’ll bind off ten stitches when knitting and then bind off ten stitches on the next row while purling? I mean; will I end up with the bind offs on two seperate rows?

Is there a way to bind off ten stitches on both sides on the same row?

It also says:
On next RS row, dec 1 st each side of neck edge while working raglan decrease rows as established. 48[56, 60, 68] sts remain.

I’m not sure what “neck edge” means in English? Is it right next to the bind offs I’ve just made?

Thanks for helping me out!

You’re right about binding off. You’ll bind off 10 stitchs on the first (knit) row, then 10 sts on the next (purl) row. Bind offs have to be done this way since the working yarn is left at the left side of the bound off stitches. Don’t worry about any unevenness. It all works out just fine. :slight_smile:

“Neck edge” refers to the side of the knitting that would be closest to your neck as the garment is worn.
Does that help?

Thanks for answering my questions so quickly!

I get the bind off now. I tried to bind off “from the wrong side” but couldn’t work it out so I figured I had to bind off on two different rows. I seemed strange to me but I guess that small difference won’t show when it’s all done.

I’m still a bit confused as to where the neck edge is found. Would it be at the center of the piece by the spine or over my shoulder where my throat becomes my neck? I learnt the word “neck” when I was 9 but nobody ever taught me “neck edge”… :smiley:

“Edge” is the side of piece. “Neck edge” refers to the side of the garment where your head pops through. This is anywhere around the neckline, from your spin, over your shoulder, around to the throat, and back again.

Does this help? I’m sure the language barrier must be so frustrating, especially when knitting instructions are complicated enough! :wink:

Aaahhh!!! Neck edge refers to somehting horizontal whereas I was looking for something vertical… I guess I can decrease wherever I want to as long as I make the raglans where they’re supposed to be and then make the additional two as one on each side.

The language barrier is frustrating at times. My English is fluent (even though it’s not all correct) but specific instructions, such as knitting phrases, can be difficult to understand. In the beginning of reading English knitting instructions on the web I was very confused about “knitting” and “purling”. In Swedish we say “knitting on the right side” and “knitting on the wrong side”. I thought “purling” was a complicated stitch until I found the videos here and saw that “purling” was just “knitting on the wrong side”. Did that make sense?

Thanks again for being patient with me! :smiley: