Bind off on a blanket

I have only knitted scarves and decided if I could do that I could make a baby blanket. I made it bigger than originally planned so it could also be used on a twin bed. I am finished and am now petrified on binding off. I know how to do it, but with this many stitches I’m afraid when I try to pull first stitch over the second that they both will come off! I am not familiar with how to make that correction. I have watched videos but they only show you how to do it, not how to make a correction if both stitches come off.

You’ve done bind offs for scarves so I’m sure you can do this. Should both sts come off the right needle, just pick them up with either the right or left needle and put then back on the right needle and try again.
If you want some back up, the easiest thing to do is to put in a lifeline now. Thread some thin, smooth yarn through the sts on the needle. You don’t take the sts off the needle but leave both the lifeline and the sts in place. Then bind off. If you run into a problem you can always take out the row or bind off and put the sts on the lifeline back onto a needle.

Here’s also a way to take out a bind off.