Bind off next 2 rows

I am confused on how to do that…help!

What are you working on?

Please supply a pattern name or link.

Or, please post a few lines of the specific instructions that are giving you trouble.

Hello cricketts, I suspect your instrustions read something like “Bind off X stitches at the begining of the next 2 rows”.

To do this you bind off X stiches at the begining of the first row, work to the end of that row and turn ready to start the 2nd row. Then cast off X stiches at the begining of the 2nd row and work to the end of that row. You should then be ready for the next instruction(s).

If I’m off the mark could you quote [I]just[/I] the relevent line(s) of the pattern, or supply a link, so someone can help you out.

I read a little further on the forums, and someone asked the same
question I did and the answer made sense! Now if I only hadn’t
ripped out my stitches and started a new project…oh well, live and learn!!! Thank you!

Ouch! That’s no fun. [I]This forum is the best place [/I]to find out if you really do need to rip it all out. Usually, you don’t. Please be sure to ask before you decide next time.

I def will, because I really liked the herringbone sweater I was working on!