Bind off mistake

Oh gosh

I messed up really bad

I binded off half of my stitches before i realized i was making a mistake
so i have ten bound of stitches && some still on the needle

can i fix this???

When you say you made a mistake, do you mean in the bind off itself, or did you see you made a mistake earlier in your knitting so you have to un-bind off so you can go back and fix it?

If you did a basic bind off (see the first video here to see what it looks like:, then it’s not to hard to undo.

If needed, tink (undo your stitches) back to the place where your bind-off stopped (to where you last slipped the previous stitch over the next stitch).

Find a crochet hook a bit smaller than your knitting needles. Use it to carefully grab and lift the stitch that was passed over the last knit stitch. You will now have that stitch that had been passed over and the one that had done the passing over on the needle. Tink those two stitches, and then repeat these instructions until you are back at the beginning of your row.

If you used a different method to bind off, please write back with what it is, so we can help you. :slight_smile: