Bind-off Last Stitch

Hello -

I am new at knitting, and I learned how to bind off using the videos on this site. One big thing I’m curious about is, when you get to the very end of what you are binding off, what do you do with the very last stitch that is left on your right needle? I have just been pulling the end of the yarn through the loop, like what you do when you’ve crocheted the last stitch in your project. Is that the right thing to do? Thank you!

you got it! :thumbsup: also when we do that there is often kind of a funky thing that happens to that stitch. Amy has a great trick if you watch her video of a small project. It is at the end and it works great!!

Thanks! I thought that was the way to do it, but was not certain because that made the end of the bind-off look a little bit funny. I’ll watch that video clip like you suggested. :cheering: