Bind off is wonky

I have made the “orangie” pattern on Ravelry. It is an infinity scarf. When I binded off it seemed like it made and extra row when I got to the end. My last bind off didn’t line up with my 1st bind off. Why?

Pattern link. That happens when you work in the round. You actually knit in a spiral so the end of the round is higher than the beginning of it. When I BO the last stitch, I put my R needle into the center of the first bound off stitch to make an extra one, then pull the loop over that new stitch. That closes the gap and evens out the edge so it looks on the same level.

Thanks that will help next time.

You can still do it on this one - just undo the tail and put the last loop on your needle, then pick up the stitch and bind it off.

And here are a couple more ways to avoid the gap in a curcular bond off.