Bind off in the round

When binding off in the round, how do I make the starting bind off and the last bind off meet up without a ridge? In other words it seems the last bind off is higher up than the start. I am using a bulky yarn and I think it will really show.

Knitting in the round is really a spiral so that is normal. I do t use bulky yarn, but what I do is when I get to the last stitch I stick the needle in the first one somewhere and wrap the yarn and bind off and it blends in much better.

After seeing you post this before I tried it and liked the result. I’ve only used it with worsted weight or lighter yarn.

When I’ve bound off the last stitch and just have the loop left, I knit into the center of the first stitch, then pull the loop over that stitch to bind it off. That evens out the beginning and end of the round and closes the little gap you often have.

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Here are a couple of neat bind offs for circular knitting.