Bind off in the round

I can’t find where I saw a discription on how to bind off and not have that jog. This is what she said but I have a question.
When you cast off your FIRST stitch, dont drop it and forget about it-put it on the last needle in front of the last stitch. cast off the rest as normal.

Ok, so I have K1, P2 ribbing. I K1, P2, passed the second stitch over the third and continued and left the first stitch on the needle. Now I am at the end I am confused. I have the first stitch on the left needle and the last stitch on the right needle. WHat I dont get is (put it on the last needle in front of the last stitch) Does that mean I am criss crossing the first and last stitch? Then what? I cant figure it out. :??

Hmm, I don’t know. It is true that you get a jog when binding off in the round, as you know - this is because a “round” is really more of a spiral, so the end of the round is technically one row higher than the beginning of the round. What I do is bind off as usual, with the jog and all, then when I weave the end in I put the tail end through the top of the first bind off stitch and pull it tight, then weave it back through the last stitch bound off and again through the first. Then I proceed to weave the end through a few stitches at the back of the work and voila. The jog is not noticeable at all.

From DIY Knitty Gritty and Lily Chin…

Smooth Bind-Off on Circular Knitting

With tail on tapestry needle, insert into first bind-off chain to the left of the first st. Go under both loops of that chain, then insert the tapestry needle back down into last chain (the place where the tail popped out of to begin with). Pull slightly to even this out, then weave in end to the back of work.

candy, you would slip that first leftover stitch to your right needle and pass the last stitch over it.

The way I do it is BO all stitches as usual, then when I get to the last stitch `make’ another one in the first stitch I bound off and pass the last stitch over it. It tucks the last stitch into the row and is less noticeable.


Thank you. I was trying to criss cross it and it was not working so I just passed the last stitch over the first one and it worked. I am not sure if that is what she was saying but your way worked. I have found 3 ways now of doing it and so I wanted to try all of them to see which one I liked best. THis is the first and wouldn’t you know I got stuck all ready. :oops: Next sweater I will try a different way.

It just takes experience and experimenting. I figured out a lot of things on my own because I’m self taught, didn’t know any other knitters, and it was years before the internet was even thought of. I just tried out different ways of doing things until I got something that looked right. Of course I couldn’t always remember how I’d done it the next time…


I don’t get it. It says to attach my shoulders of this doll sweater by binding off the stitches using three needles.

You’ll find it at the bottom of the page… 3 needle bind off.

That was my suggestion, sorry, I have been away.
The way you described is different, you left the first stitch knitted on right needle without doing anything to it, ignored it, and started binding off all the other stitches - rather than after dropping it off the second knit stitch but threading the last end of a needle through it.
Never mind, you just started the cast-off round one stitch later! When you
are up to the last stitch, find the first stitch you cast off, put it on the end of the needle, and cast off that stitch that used to be the last.
The jog here is, I think, not because of the spiral, but because the cast-off edge is not joined. This technique joins the ends of the edge well and consistently.
If you find a way to improve on it, please post.