Bind Off In The Middle of Knitting

:shrug: I am in the process of knitting open palm mittens on dpns. It says to bind off 22 stitches of the palm and knit the 20 stitchs for the back. How do I get rid of the extra loop from the bind off…knit the two together?

Thanks for your help in advance.


The last loop of the BO counts as the first stitch of the 20 sts on the back.

confused…that would now give me 21 stitches. When I did the left hand I knit the 20 stitches first then bound of the 22 of the palm. I didn’t have an extra stitch when I did the left.

You would have started with 42 sts, yes? Did you knit 2 more stitches after the first 20 in order to start the BO? Or count 22 actual stitches passed over, not 22 sts knit? If you put that last loop over the first stitch of the 20, you’ll still have 20 sts and 22 bound off, though.