Bind off help

Hello. I am making a basic stockinette stitch sweater with sew in sleeves and just want to know what the best way to bind off is ? Can anyone please give their opinions ? Thanks

Which way are you making the sweater, top down or bottom up? Where is the bind off on the sweater?

If it is for shoulder I usually just use a regular bind off, probably for a top down sweater I would too, but not sure. A sewn bind off looks nice and gives allows a lot of stretch, it might be good for a top down sweater with ribbing at the bottom, or bind off in rib pattern with the regular one.

I answered you private message to me, but I’d like to add to be sure to keep your bind off loose. Comfortably loose, not sloppy loose. I often use a needle that is 2 or 3 sizes larger than I was working with and then with it bind off comfortably tight and the result comes out neat and not overly tight.