Bind off help


I’m confused about pattern directions. Please help! Sweater pattern has 112 stitches. The row to split fronts and back for inserting arms says to knit 24, bind off 2, knit 52, bind off 2, knit 24. That totals 104. Where would you do what with the remaining 8 stitches?!?!


Can you tell us the pattern name and provide a link please? It helps us if we can see the pattern. Don’t post the entire pattern though.


Easy Baby Cardi from Pattern Collection: Children


Universal Yarn, Inc.

It looks like you’re making the largest size? So it’s bind off 6 sts at each arm.


Hallelujah! That’s what I was thinking but have never made a baby sweater this way and was not sure how large the ‘break’ should be. Debated whether to knit more on the other sections to fill in. THANKS SO MUCH!!.