Bind off from circular needle?

Hi Again,

I am knitting on a circular needle for the first time. I now have this beautiful seamless ribbed collar (k1, p1) on my dog sweater but, don’t have a clew how to bind it off! :oops: I know how to bind off ribbing in pattern from straight needles but, suspect I’ll quickly get in trouble on the circular… I’m tempted to switch to dpn’s but don’t want to experiment when I’m so close to finishing! What’s the secret? :??


You really do just bind of as normal. As you go a long, fewer and fewer stitches will be attached to the needle, and when you get to that last stitch, pull your yarn through it and you’re done. If there’s a gap between the first bound off st and the last, use the tail to sew the two together.

Thank you so much Ingrid for your response. Boy do I feel dumb!

I had no idea there was such a great search option on this website. I discovered it about 1 o’clock this morning, :zzz: found an answer straight away and finished my sweater.

I love this website… brilliant!