Bind off for sleeve cap at each end?

I do not understand what they mean, how can you bind off at “each” end. This is a pattern from Rebecca magazine ( English version ) if that help any. The pattern states “…bind off for sleeve cap at each end of every 2nd row…” Maybe it is just the way it is worded, do they ( the pattern writer ) mean to bind off X number of sts. at the beginning of the RS row, foll pattern then on the WS bind off X number of sts.

Does the pattern give instructions for that? Sometimes they explain it toward the beginning of the pattern.

You can bind off at each end though. Bind off one stitch one you start the row and when you get down to the end bind off the previous stitch over the last stitch and turn. At least I think you can do that.

I’ve never knit a sweater flat only in the round. I know other members have so they can let you know for sure.

It’s the way european patterns are translated - should properly be each[I] edge[/I]. So you would BO at the beg of the next 2 rows to put a BO on each side edge of the sleeve.

Ok that is what I was thinking, thank you.