Bind off for Cambridge Jacket

I’m working on the Cambridge Jacket out of IWK summer 06, and there’s a note there on how to shape the shoulders but I’m not entirely sure what it means: When binding off for shoulders, and front neck, work each p2 rib column as p2tog on right side rows; each 2-stitch rib column will be decreased to 1 stitch, and will count as only 1 bound-off stitch.

Hopefully somebody can enlighten me?

You are decreasing the rib columns, and then binding off. So, to start, you’d Knit 2 together, purl 2 together, and bind off. Repeat. Does that make sense?

So, I would do the K2tog, p2tog, so it comes together as two separate stitches, then bind off one of the stitches? hmm okay that makes a bit more sense.

WAIT WAIT NO! It looks to me like you do this only with the purl stitches not k2tog the knit stitches, does that sound right?


hehe To be honest, no, it doesn’t make sense, but as I’m not to that part yet, it probably will make more sense as I start to work it. From what it sounds like, is that on the right side, each of the purl 2 stitches will be the ones that are p2tog, at least that’s how I’m now getting it. I’ll keep ya’ll updated if I figure it out.