Bind off count

Good day! So I have a question regarding line 8 of the attached pattern. CO 35. I’m supposed to bind off 4, then purl 3. Do I count the stitch on my needle after binding off 4, as the first of the P3? That would give me 34 stitches, but I think for the next row to work, I need to have 35 sts. Thank you in advance.

For some reason I can’t get the whole pattern to load, so here’s the right side. Sorry it’s so confusing.

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What is the name of your pattern?
For row 8 bind off 4sts, don’t count the stitch leftover from the bind off and proceed to purl 3. That’ll leave you with 35sts for the next row.

Thank you so very much. The pattern is on Ravelry Amelie

Lovely, thank you for the source!

Ooh what a pretty design.
I’ve added it to my favs even though it looks way too hard for me! Maybe one day I can manage it.
It will be lovely to see your finished project if your able to post a photo.