Bind off confusion

Hello … now my pattern says - Next Row - bind off 5 stitches at neck edge once, 3 stitches once, then 2 stitches once. Why not just say “bind off 10 stitches”? or am I missing something?? I hope someone can make this clearer for me :slight_smile:

Binding off this way isn’t as squared as simply binding off all the stitches on one row. You’ll find this makes an edge that is hard to do anything with. It seems you’re just learning so while you’re at it check out the sloped bind off. Do it this way and you’ll never have that nasty edge that the stepped bind off can leave. If you watch the video she explains what’s happening. If you don’t like this video just search on knit sloped bind off.

Well … I’m not a total novice. This pattern, however, is telling me to cast off in that manner ON THE NEXT ROW. Are you saying this is actually referring to the next 3 rows? Thanks

That is great learned something new.