Bind Off... Cast On... Lost

I decided to try a new pattern, and I have managed to get all the way to the end, and now I hit a hard spot

I have 37sts

k10, bind off the center 17sts. Put the last st back onto the left needle and cast on 11 sts for strap. Knit across the cast on sts, then across the remaining 10 sts.

I knit ten. I bound off 17. I put the last stitch back on the left needle.
I have ten stitches on my left needle. Seventeen bound off in the center. Ten knit stitches on my right.

I have absolutely NO idea how to cast on eleven stitches, when I still have ten remaining on the left needle… I’m lost.

HELP meeee

Look in the video section for cast ons. There are several that would work in your situation. Look for the knitted cast on, the cable cast on or the simple backward loop cast on (has several other names–e-cast on, etc.)

The cable and knitted cast on basically use the first stitch (or space between first and second) to knit into and then lift the new loop up and put it on the left hand neede, and repeat. The loop cast on, you just turn the yarn back on itself and put the resulting loop on the needle.

Woo! Thank you so much.