Bind off at the end of a row?

I just found this site, and am so glad! I am a fairly beginner knitter, and am doing some wool soakers. The pattern says to bind of 2 stitches at the beginning and end of each row. It is narrowing the leg holes to the crotch, but how do you bind off at the end? :wall: Thanks for anyones help in advance! :cheering: Steph

You can’t bind off at the end. You would have to turn and bind off at the beginning of the next, but seeing as how your pattern calls for doing the decreases in each row, not alternate rows, you would miss decreases.

Are you sure it says to use a bind off as the decrease?

“Bind off 2 stitches at the beginning of the next 8 rows, i.e. at both edges of the work” I have 46 stitches, and says at the end of the 8 rows I should have 14 left. I am stumped…It is a pattern from

Hmmm… well for starters the math is strange.

If it says, word for word, Bind of 2 sts at the beginning of the next 8 rows, this means only at the beginning, not at the end, so you would be losing 2 stitches per row, for 8 rows = 16 sts you lose, so there should be 30 left. Not sure how they get 14, unless you are to decrease at both ends (in which case, what is written above, can’t be what is written in the pattern, cause 1) well, for starters they wouldn’t use the term bind off, and 2) they wouldn’t say ‘beginning’), so… hang on, is this bit

i.e. at both edges of the work

your interpretation, or part of the written instructions, cause it’s contradictory, and if it’s your pattern, it’s a, let’s call it ‘funny’, pattern.

I thought it was funny too, I quoted the directions, the ie was theirs, not mine…I am so stuck. I am wondering if it would be too drastic to bind off 4 at beginning of the eight rows? The math works that way. If I really am supposed to do 2 at beginning and end I would be losing 4 each row ending with the 14.

Since it’s being seamed, if it were me, i’d probably just use a k2tog at each end twice to do it, (so it wasn’t such a ‘jagged’ decrease, if you get me), but doing a 4 bo at each start would work to.

What a strange pattern… :shrug:

Which would be easier to pick up stitches on, or would both be fine? I have never done that so I am not sure…And Thanks Very Much for your help!!!

It’s really personal preference, i don’t really ‘prefer’ picking them up one way or the other (some people, who hate seaming, may have a preference though). I just prefer the look, once it is seemed, from the inside, when it isn’t a bo edge. It’s just smoother. But that’s me :shrug:

And your welcome, I’m glad we sorted it out :muah:

What’s the site? When I put in the address line, it goes to a site for Las Vegas tourism…


It is There is an “In English” link top left. The pattern is a knit diaper cover, if you click on the left arrow a few times it will come up! Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Looking at the diagram of the pattern, you would actually BO 2 sts at the beginning of 16 rows. You have to in order to get from 46 sts down to 14. I think they missed something in the translation.