Bind off at each neck edge. How?

The pattern is District. I bound off center 21 stitches and completed the row. Now I’m on the wrong side. After 3 days of trying, I’m unable to visualize how to do the bind offs at the neck edge. I believe I should end up with 14 bound off stitches at each side of the neck. I just don’t know how to accomplish this. I’ve sketched it out, joined a second ball of yarn, and end up decreasing at the same edge with each bind off.
Mental block here.

I see your confusion because the bind offs are going to happen on different rows despite the pattern telling you to work the two shoulders at the same time.
Binding off needs to take place at the beginning of a row (or beginning of a section as you are working 2 sections at once).
On this WS row work across the first section, no bind off. Drop the yarn and pick up the yarn for the second section, bind off at the beginning of this section which is the neck edge. Work to end of row, turn, work back RS, drop yarn at neck.
Pick up yarn for second section, now bind off at the beginning of this section which is the neck edge, work to end of row, turn, work WS to neck edge.
And so on.
The bind offs happening at the neck edge are on the WS of the work for the left shoulder, or section 2. They are on the RS of the work for the right shoulder or section 1.

On each neck edge you’ll bind off 4 stitches, 4 stitches, 2 stitches, 2 stitches, 2 stitches.

I believe after the binds offs are complete you’ll need to work a WS row on both sections before moving on the the next part, “next RS row”.

Does this help?

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Thank you for your lightening fast response! I will definitely try your directions. I can visualize this now and feel I can move on.
Thank you!!

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Glad to help.
If it doesnt work out or there’s another tricky bit don’t hesitate to ask again.

It worked beautifully, thanks to your explicit directions. I’m grateful.

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That’s a great update. glad it worked out.
Hope to see a pic when you finish.