Bind off Assistance

I am just at the end of the yoke on my baby sweater,

And I have read this a million times and can’t make anything of it.

AT THE SAME TIME when yoke measures 8-9-10 (11-12) cm [3 1/8”-3½”-4” (4 3/8”-4¾”)] slip 8 sts each side towards mid front on stitch holders for neck. [B]Bind off to shape the neckline each side at the beg of every row from mid front: 1 st 2 times.[/B] When yoke measures 10-11-12 (13-14) cm [4”-4 3/8”-4¾” (5 1/8”-5½”)] dec all P2 between cables to P1 and K tog the 4 sts on each cable 2 by 2 = approx 43-49-55 (61-67) sts left on row.

Technically, it’s the part in bold that I don’t get…1st 2 times. I’ve never binded off a stitch 2 times. I’m sure this is very simple and I’m overthinking it again.

You can just decrease instead of BO for 1 st, it’s a lot smoother edge that way. The Drops patterns are written like that, or witll write to increase 4 sts at the beginning of a row when we would use cast on.

OK, so bind off one and decrease one stitch?

You can bind off one stitch at the neck end of the row on 2 rows or you can decrease the sts. Either way the shaping is going to be covered when you pick up sts for the collar. The bind off is just working 2sts and then lifting the first st over the second and then go on with the rest of the row.
Very cute pattern.

No, do either/or. You can BO 1, OR dec 1, but don’t do both.

Ok, that’s helps. Thanks very much! God willing, I’ll be able to share my finished price soon!

If I’m binding off stitches, what do I do with the 8 they are asking to put on stitch holders?
Also, my working yarn will be on the stitch holder…How would I proceed if it’s being held off?

Later you’ll do something with those 8. Even though your yarn is attached to the last st that’s on the holders, you can knit the next stitch with it.

As long as the working yarn is at the end of the 8sts on the holder, next to the st to be worked, you’ll be ok. If the working yarn is at the beginning of the 8sts, work across the 8sts and then slip them to the holder.

Great, thanks.

Oh, I messed this up. HA. I did the BO fine (I actually decreased like you suggested) but then when it came time to pick up the 10 stitches and start knitting, I have 2 holes where the bind offs are and where I picked up.

So it says “Pick up 10 stitches” (including the 8 on the stitch holders), so I only picked up 2. I think they mean pick up 10 bound off stitches PLUS the 8 on holders, correct?

Here are the instructions:

COLLAR: [B]Pick up 10 sts on each side of neckline mid front (incl sts on stitch holders). K 1 row from WS,[/B] AT THE SAME TIME adjust no of sts evenly to 50-[B]54[/B]-58 (62-66). Work garter st back and forth on needle until collar measures 3-3-4 (4-5) cm [1 1/8”-1 1/8”-1½” (1½”-2”)]. Now bind off 1 st each side a total of 4 times and then bind off remaining sts. Collar measures approx 5-5-6 (6-7) cm [2”-2”-2 3/8” (2 3/8”-2¾”)].

I am going to have to tear back to that row, it’s kind of a mess right now. I went to the knitting shop down the street for help, but the woman there has never attempted an intermediate pattern before so she couldn’t help.

No the 10 sts include the 8 sts on the holder, and 2 more sts. You can pick up more sts where the gaps are, then decrease them on the next row though.

Oh, ok. Thank you! Well that’s what I did. Hmm…What was the point of binding off every row then if I’m just knitting over it a few rows later? I don’t see how it’s shaping the collar, but maybe that’s because I’m not very good at this.

It just kind of creates a loop or something.

The decs/BOs do the shaping for the neckline edge. Picking up in those sts is for the collar and it would be loads more complicated to knit it on with shaping at the same time - you’d have to both dec and inc in the same place. Many patterns are made like this.

I see. But I held the 8 stitches, did the bind off for about 7 rows and then got to this part. So it’s making a hole in there since I’m only picking up 2 stitches. Did I bind off incorrectly.

I’m sorry, I’m such a pain. I am just not following…

The bound off sts form the front of the neck, which should be lower than the shoulders. And you should have 8 sts on holders at both ends of the needle, something like this -


OK, I see. Thank you!