Bind off and then join yarn...?

Hi there,

I’m new to knitting, and while I love my new hobby, it sure keeps me grumbling.

I’m working on a tank top pattern, and I’ve just got to the armhole shaping and I’m lost. The pattern says:

“Bind off first 11 sts, knit across to last 11 sts and bind off these sts - 46 sts rem. Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.”

So I bound off the 11, knit the 46, and then bound off the last 11. I cut the yarn and pulled it through the last stitch, but now I’ve got 46 stitches on the needle and no yarn attached.

Next it says:

“With the WS facing, join yarn, k8, p30, k8.”

How do I do that? I’ve looked up videos on how to join, but they’re confusing me even more…

Can anyone help me understand the instructions (or what I’ve done wrong)?

Thanks so much!

It would be my thinking that you would just start knitting with new color, but cross them to start as you would intarsia…see the video. It is scary at first, but then you realize it will work and you wont mind doing it any more.
I really hope this works for you, it does for me…as one of my current projects is a blanket that is red white and black striped.
Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi there. I’m a new knitter too. I’m working on the armholes and that’s what I wondered. If you are working on the circular needles, I think they just tell you to just start knitting the front or back piece seperately by putting 46sts that you worked across between the two 11sts bind off on the safety stitch holder , start knitting the remaining 46sts from facing the wrong side with the unattach yarn and leave a long tail and weave in later. Hope this help. Good luck.

Hold your piece with Wrong side facing you, then take the new yarn and hold the tail in your left hand and simply start knitting it into the stitches on the needle. Since there is no “live” yarn there is nothing to twist like in regular color changes.


Thanks for all your advice. I admit I got a little spooked when I realized I was no longer ‘attached’!

I’ll just take the yarn and knit on with the stitches on the needle then.

Thanks for helping me untangle…