Bind Off Alternatives

Hello again! I recently knitted a scarf and noticed, once again, that my bind off looks very noticably different than my cast on. I use the long tail cast on method and the basic knit bind off.

I’m coming to the end of another scarf and would prefer the two ends to look more or less identical. The basic knit bind off not only looks different but also flares out a bit somehow…

I checked out Amy’s bind off videos but didn’t see any that really looked good except for perhaps the bind off for ribbing…but its for K1 P1 ribbing whereas I’m using K2 P1 ribbing…

Any thoughts on alternative bind off methods that look more or less identical to a long tail cast on? THANKS!


Hmmmm… :thinking:
You could put the stitches on a holder, and cast on again. Knit an inch or so, then graft the two ends together using the kitchener stitch. :thumbsup:

Thanks Silver! You’ve got my back once again! That sounds dangerous though…never done the kitchener stitch before…but I think I’ll give it a try!