Bind 3 issue

Continuing the discussion from Bind 3:

I am using this pattern (as debhen123) and am having the same problem. It’s not that i’m using stitches, it’ there are 4 too many stitches in the pattern. There are 36 stitches in the pattern and row three is as follows:
p2, k3, p2, ybk, Bind 3, p3, ybk, Bind 3, p4, ybk, Bind 3, p3, ybk, Bind 3, p2, k3, p2
Without the Bind 3, there are 24 stitches, so the Bind 3 should be 3 stitches each. However, Bind 3 is takes 4 stitches!
Slip next st. k1, yfwd, k1 and then psso the k1, yfwd, k1
I can’t figure it out

For the blue cushion shown in the front?
There’s an error in the Bind 3 instruction. When you look at the pattern you can see the sts in the mock cable but not the extra “yfwd, k1”. If you leave that out, the pattern looks correct across the row and the stitch number works.

That’s amazing! Thank you so much. It has been driving me crazy. And thank you for such a speedy response. I’m now going to recommend this site to all my fellow knitters

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