Binary Hat

I knit this up tonight, for my friend John. He’s a computer programmer and will get a kick out of this. Black stands for “1” and the old-timey computer screen green stands for “0”.
From top to bottom the colorwork rows repeat a series of 1s and 0s to read:
“checksum” (001)
J (01001010)
O (01101111)
H (01101000)
N (01101110)
“checksum” (100)

I just used a basic hat pattern and LionBrand Woolease Chunky for the black and RedHeart “Kids” doubled for the green. I googled a text to binary/basic converter and got the code from that. Voila!

I’m excited. This is the ONLY present I’ve made this year that I [B]know[/B] the recipient will appreciate and love. He thinks knitting is cool and is boggled that I can make stuff “like, that you can wear!” He appreciates the time and effort. And he’s a huuuuge geek. I’m prettty sure he’ll be able to figure out what the “pattern” is before I actually tell him. :teehee:

:thumbsup: How neat…you did a great job…I wonder if dh would like something like this…:thumbsup:

That’s really cool. I’m also a huge geek, especially when it comes to binary stuff. (I have a binary clock {which is awesomeW!}) So, I was wondering if you could help me decipher this or tell me a good place to figure it out, cuz this is really Neat!.

Way to go again HamaLee! Super! :thumbsup:

Looks fantastic. I am sure he will love it :slight_smile:


As a geek myself, that’s very cool! :thumbsup:

Very cool! I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it!

A geek myself with a nerd hubby, I took awhile looking to see how you did it - am I correct that you continued whatever the “code” was for each row, around and around? My stickler dh likes it, but tells me if I make one for him, it must be “functional” binary, and therefore in a simple column - maybe have to be intarsia instead of stranded? (sorry, thinking outloud there a bit :teehee: )

Very nice looking hat, as well as a cool idea for your friend.

I love that hat, and my son would also. He’s a recovering geek :slight_smile: whose wife only ‘allows’ him an hour a day on the computer less he forgo all other commitments that he has. Kind of like some knitters we know . . .

Yup, that’s exactly what I did. Each round is the code for one letter repeated 9 times (72 stitches around). I know that’s not functional, but I wanted the effect of a “weird” pattern that didn’t seem to make sense…
There’s a cool pattern that uses full stripes too, but you can’t spell anything too long since each letter needs 8 stripes.

Very nice!!

Cool, I bet my dh would like the full 8 stripes per letter version.

Cute! I’m sure he will love it.

Very cool hat!

Very cool! Did he crack the code or did you tell him?