Bikini in Vogue Knitting

Has anyone done the bikini in Vogue Knitting yet? I was looking at it last night. Directions are short but not sweet. I get soooo confused when it says things like, “dec 1 st alternately every 2nd and 4th row 6 times then every 2rows for 18 times, at the same time…”. I never where know where to begin the counting the rows for the 2nd and 4th etc.

Another question I have is when you are working with it stretch yarn do you knit it under tension or just knit normally?

thanx for you help!

I haven’t used stretchy yarn, but I believe you just knit normally with it.

As for the decreases, I find that writing out the instructions works for me. I make a list of the rows, and then circle the ones I need to decrease on. If I have to do an ‘at the same time’ I make a separate list for those next to the first one, so I know when to decrease on each edge and can cross out the rows when I’m done.

I wish there was a simpler way of telling when to decrease–it would make life easier.

Thanx Ingrid,

I’m trying to write it out long hand too. It’s just that I keep “second guessing” myself. grrrr So far it looks like they could have said dec 1 beg all RS rows except rows 4, 10, and 16! and BO2 WS rows 1-17 then dec 1 every 3rd row. I certainly could be wrong though…this is my 3rd attempt to write it out! LOL At least gauge -wise it looks like my rows count is right. First time I tried, it was waaaaay off…one cup would have made an excellent market bag! LOL I think it’s time to put this aside and not think too much about for awhile. A fresh brain and a new eye might let it “click” in a day or so.

Thanx again for your help,

I wish I had the firgure so I would NEED to knit myself a bikini :XX: I’ll have to stick to scarves and socks. :smiley:

Amen! I’d shout “Hallelujah!” if I could ever wear a bikini again!

that pattern is SO pretty! I forgot about that pattern! I think its one of the only things I liked in this issue.

If all else fails, you can e-mail the people at vogue knitting, they are very helpful!

I’m thinking they may mean just increase on both sides for the next 6 rows…thats how I would interpret it. I’m still trying to figure out what the parenthesis means. You’re suppose to alternate something on those rows. Perhaps the way you increase them? The math works out on all sizes to just increase on both sides for the next 6 rows. The trouble is finding out what the alternating is dealing with. that’s the only logical explanation I can come up with. well…maybe it just means you’re doing purl stitches on those sides. I am thinking… :thinking: So curious now.

I think it’ll look fine if you just ignore the 2nd and 4th row part and just read it like that. Because you’re just trying to increase the bikini bottom up into its first trianglular shape.

If you’ve gotten past this problem and have trouble in another area, please bring it to my attention. My response to this is really LATE today.

EDIT TO ADD: Rereading this, I was responding to a different part in the pattern, sorry about that. I’ll go through it again later.

Thanx for giving it a go Angela.

I’d really be interested if you do decipher the bra pattern. I THINK I have if figured out but I’m letting it sit for a couple of days and then will look at it again with a fresh eye. Perhaps we could compare notes. :smiley:

Please forgive me if I don’t respond immediately. I’m leaving early Thursday morning (June 1) and won’t have a computer until I get back on Monday (June 5)… I’m going to CAMP STITICHES!!!

So excited!!

Hi everybody- I’m new here!

I am working on this same bikini. I am knitting it up in Lana Grossa’s new cotton print (60% cotton and 40% microfiber) on 4mm needles. I was wondering about using this yarn (whether it will bag or not), but my informal poll suggested it should be fine. Apparently a lot of these fiber blends are quite new and they don’t know how they will behave in “beach conditions”. I’d love to hear any opinions on the subject of fiber blends.

I am having problems similar to Tracy with the counting of inc/dec. This is the most shaping I have ever done in a project. However, with some help, I have have solved part of the problem.

The first confusing passage (for the bottom):

“Working in St st, inc 1 st each side every (alternate 2nd and 4th row) for a total of 6 times-80 (84,88)sts.”

An accomplished knitter had me chart this out and it looks like this:

1 (starting with 68 st size S)
2* (70)
5* (72)
7* (74)
17* (80)

(I think this is actually off by one row at the beginning, but you get the idea. 1-2*, 1-2-3-4*)

I am confused at this passage:

“Dec 1 st each side every other row 13 (16,17) times, every 4th row 5 times- 14, (14,16)sts.”

Notice that it is different from the first passage as there are no brackets e.g. (alternate 2nd and 4th row). Instead, it’s every other row, and then a comma instead of brackets “every 4th row 5 times”.

My question is, does this mean this is done at the same time- eg. that 4th row gets a 4st decrease? Very strange.

Thanks so much for your help and this great site.


I think it’s meant to be read this way:

“Dec 1 st each side every other row 13 (16,17) times, [color=red]and then[/color] every 4th row 5 times- 14, (14,16)sts.”

Hi Christina,
I did the top only. I wrote it out line by line too (several interpretations btw). I’m still not absolutely positive that I did it right (I think it’s off one row in the beginning too), but I worked one cup in some scrape stuff and it looked good so I went a head and worked the top in the “real” stuff. Actually I used Sock it To Me (cotton/elastic) on #4 needles.

It amazed me how simple the shaping of the bra really is considering how the pattern was written. I’ll be making a few of these tops, I like the fit so much, and they work up so fast.

As to your question, I agree with Ingrid, I think there should be an “and then” in there too.


Hi Ingrid and Tracy,

Thanks for your replies. What concerns me, however, about the “and, then” interpretation is that I think it may result in the piece being too long. It’s already 5.5 inches long. I would be adding 32 rows (Dec 1 side every other row 16 times), then I’d be adding another 20 rows (every 4th row 5 times), then I’d have to work even for 13 rows OR until piece measures 10 inches. According to my measurements, there would be about a 10-row difference- ack!

(Har har, looks like I’ll be singing the thong song- the visual isn’t that disturbing, but I’m not excited about sand in my crack).


Any suggestions?

If you saw me, you’d know that I’m not a bikini knitter :rollseyes: :wink: , but I’ve never seen instructions that tell you to increase every other row and every 4th row. You’re already decreasing every 4th row. If they wanted you to decrease twice on the same row, they’d say so, I’m sure.

If you feel that it’s getting too long, you could make your second set of decreases closer together.

Keep charging on Babe, I’m sure you are on the right track. Adding 32 more rows is just fine. Ultimately when you are done with all those dec and have worked the other 13 (or so) rows, it is supposed to measure 10.5 inches!!! From cast on edge to the bind off edge the whole thing should measure 20".

I’ve made several bikinis in the past and I NEVER think it’s going to turn out right, it always looks soooooo long.

Keep us posted on your progress!!!

Thanks for all your encouragement. This is the first knitting forum I’ve ever joined. Usually I just suffer in silence until I can impose on someone at a yarn store.

Okay, I’ve got a different realization on this, but it still leaves me thoroughly confused…

Dec 1 st each side every other row 14 (16, 17) times, every 4th row 5 times–14 (14,16)sts.

Um, that does not add up. A decrease on each side 5 times = 10 sts, not 14!

I think I am missing something here… :?? Ha ha, maybe they should rename their publication “Vague Knitting”.


It means you have 14(14, 16) stitches left after all the decreases.

Oh wow, the light just went on. :doh: Thanks, Ingrid! Sorry, still new at reading patterns.

84-28-32-10= 14! Makes sense, because you’re at the crotch at this point.

sighs Fun with math.



The drama continues…

So, I followed the instructions, and I am already at 10" (where I’m supposed to start increasing again). The thing is, I still have 8 rows to go on my decreases (4sts in total). Plus, it allows for 13 rows of working even to reach 10". Is this a case of droopy drawers? shudders

I did do a gauge swatch, but I am really lost in space now… :??

Does one go back and make the decreases closer together in this case?


Hey kids,

This just in: Well- I am saying ribbit! I’m frogging the whole thing. I am going to try this on smaller needles (3.75 or 3.5)

Argh! :frowning: :oops:


No idea how I missed this post! But the only thing I have left on the bikini is the left strap, which I’m about 1/2 way done. I must say, I’ve frogged sections over and over and over!!!
I’m using the Classic Elite Star and it’s the first time I’ve worked with elastic, and I must say it took many many swatches to get it right.
But yes, as crazy as some of the directions sound, it actually works out in the end! Except for the bottom, the bind off edge on the top makes it impossible to get that thing on!! I sewed the sides up with ribbon instead, so I can loosen it to get it on.
I also thought the diagram for the top was extremely confusing! It took me about two weeks to orient my work with the picture. What a silly way to draw it out!
I’ll post pics as soon as I’m done, assuming it gets done before I leave on Thursday, which it better, because that’s the whole reason I’m doing it!!

Hi gang,
I got the top done, which is all I intended to anyway. One problem after all the intial problems…that 8 inch back section is waaaaay too big for me! I have to tie a great big ol knot in it otherwise there are MAJOR wardrobe malfunctions!!! Grrrrr the only remedy at this point is to rip out all the straps!!! Egads they were a pain to do. When I’m no longer mad at this pattern I’ll rip the straps out, shorten the 8 inch back strap and crochet the other straps.

All in all for what it’s worth, I STILL like the concept of the design. Just not extremely pleased with the wording of the pattern nor the diagram. There could have been a tad bit more info regarding both!

Thanx for all your help, and the shoulders to cry on!! :smiley: