Biker Royce Pattern

I found this pattern Biker Royce Pattern at Knitting Paradise

Pattern is a bit confusing and difficult for me.
My Problem is about the Wheels.

Small Wheels Pattern:
Cast on 15 sts.

  1. P
  2. inc 1 in all sts.
  3. P
  4. K
  5. k2tog aaround.

Do not Bind off and leave a Long tail.

In the Pattern says… Slowly full yarn till the opening becomes smaller while keeping an eye on the Black Part at the Top. Once one side is done you have to work the other side of the wheel the same way. Do not knot off until you do the both side.

Now my question is. since the Black part is not Bind off what will I do about it. I understand the yarn must be fulled is the Gray one ( that is on the Center of the Wheel.) And Conneting both side since it was knitted Flat. I must sew the sides to connect… What will be the Black Part which is not Bind off.

Pls somebody help me. I am very confused… my Husband requested me to do that .

Thank you very much

When you make the wheel rows 4,5,6 and 7 are in black and then you switch back to gray for row 8-10. As a result you have a strip of black between two strips of gray. Once you insert the cardboard circle into the wheel, you’ll use the leftover yarn at the cast on to close up the wheel on one side. You cut the working yarn leaving a long tail and use that to weave in and through the live sts on the needle (see diagram on p.12). Then that side of the wheel can be closed up too.