Biggest Book Launch Ever

So, Steph just announced On Her Blog that when her new book launches next month, she wants to have a media storm that showcases just how many knitters there are and how we appear out of the woodwork when the occasion demands.

I am going. I have not yet told my husband, and I’m working with my sister in law who lives in Jamaica Plains just where I’m going to be sleeping, but I’m going and that’s the end of it. Who’s with me? I think this could be a great way to see a bunch of east-coast people that I’ve never seen (or not in a long while). I am so willing to cordon off (with stash yarn, of course) a block of seats and stand on one of them holding a sign that says “” to provide a gathering place for Our Fair Knitters if that is what it takes. I’m also willing to coordinate transportation and carpools for people who want to do so (though I, myself, plan on taking a train).

Anyone want to come with me? :happydance: :happydance:

Oooo, sounds like fun!

I bet I can make arrangements so I can be there!


It sounds great…unfortunately, since I’m just coming off of maternity leave we really don’t have the money for me to go… :waah:

  • it happened at a bar near here who didn’t want to have a knitting event there because - despite our assurances that this was not the case, they didn’t believe that it would be well attended, and they didn’t believe knitters drank. (Seriously.)

lifts up a beer in salute, while knitting rests on my lap
Hell yeah!!! :roflhard:

I would if it weren’t on a Thursday. I really can’t miss any classes. :verysad:

I would love to go, but unfortunately I’m in CA so it’s just not possible! I hope she gets a ton of knitters there!

27th and 7th, eh? That’s easily accessible from the Port Authority if I want to bus it…and parking shouldn’t be too bad if I decide to drive in. :thinking:

This sounds very doable. I don’t have any days off between Martin Luther King Day and Memorial Day, and this falls nicely in the middle for a yaaaaarn shop crawl, too.

Hmmm, how cheaply can I get to NY from Chicago. There are $39 OW tickets to Long Island. As it so happens, this is during my spring break.

Nice. :teehee: :teehee:

Can’t make it to NYC, but woohoo I will sure plan to be at The Yarnery for her stop in St. Paul on April 4!

“April 4th- St. Paul, MN - The Yarnery. 840 Grand Ave. 7pm (Please consider bringing a donation of yarn, knitted stuff or fibre arts supplies. The Yarnery accepts these items gratefully as part of their community action.)”

The rest of her tour schedule is here.


I love her books. :muah: I have them all. :happydance: I preordered her next book on Amazon and can’t wait to receive it!! It would be so much FUN to see her in NYC. :cheering: :cheering:

Hey Aylaanne! Thanks for posting this, I didn’t know about it til you. Well since I live here how can I NOT go? Sounds pretty exciting. 750 seats, wow. Will be interesting to see if it really fills up. Anybody need any info about the city let me know.

Oh Man, NO FAIR :pout: :pout: I’m in SE, PA and I could so be there, it’s just $28 round trip on the train, but my brother is retiring from the Navy and the ceremony is that day. So I’ll be in VA, Beach on the 22nd. POOH :verysad: :pout: Have fun you guys!!

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I’m actually flying out to go.

And for people who can’t go - it’s also a protest of sorts. Between the Blue Moon fiasco and some of her own experiences in touring for the book, she’s grown to feel that the purchasing power of knitters isn’t well respected in the retail community (banks, bookstores, etc.) and wants to prove just how many knitters there really are. She’s kicking off her book tour - but while she’s at it, she’s also looking to show what a large and connected community we represent.

In short, she’s trying to get a little respect for knitters, and knitting in general. So even if you can’t go, she’s trying to find a way to include knitters near and far. She seems to be still mulling it over, but there’s a chance that will be some sort of mass knit in - where we all knit a square or something to show our solidarity. So if you are too far away and can’t make it, still stay tuned to the site for info on how you can make your presence felt and add to the showing of unity.


Knit on.

hey, knitting4babybear, thanks for letting us know that people who can’t attend for whatever reason can still participate in the protest that “it’s only knitting”. I’m really looking forward to going, and seeing so many KHers there! I think I’ll get working on that sign now that I’m done with my guinea pig dresses! :teehee: :teehee:

~ NOTED~ Babybear~~ :thumbsup:
Aylanne~~ YEP TAKE THE HAMSETERS WITH YOU ALL DRESSED UP IN THEIR DRESSES’… that’s a photo opportunity if there ever was one~!! :teehee:

I’m going! Tickets have been soo cheap to NYC from Chicago (other Chicagoans, ATA I think has a sale right now for $39 one way, but I’m not sure about the dates). :happydance: Plus, I always get free room and board in NY.

Any KH’ers wanna meet up?

I think I can make it… I work in Jersey City so its just a hop skip and a jump to manhatten…

Just saw this Evite from another forum, if you guys want to converge on the Today Show. I don’t watch that show and have no interest in going, but in case anybody else does: