BIGGER pics of my little guy!

I promised more pics of my little guy and still haven’t posted them…most of them are on dh’s computer so I don’t always have access to them…


Here’s three pics:

wow…I resized those a little too small didn’t I??? LOL…I’ll try to fix that!

small baby small picture?

Actually…big baby, small picture…I’m awful at resizing pics…

What are the size requirements for this forum again??

Wow! What an ugly baby!

Just kidding, I always wanted to say that :rofl:

Cute little bugger.

you crack me up!! LOL!! :roflhard:

256 kb

Soooooooooooooooo teeeeeeeeeeny :teehee:

Well he looks like a cutie from what I can see :teehee: Can’t wait to see them a little bigger.

aww what a cutie… the top one is my favorite he is a adorable…

Aww… :heart: :heart:

He’s so cute!!! :heart:

So sweet! Congratulations! :heart:

He is a cutie! I love that pic of both your kids, so precious! Congrats mommy :cheering:

Your children are beautiful!!!

Love on them as much as you can right now…before you know it, they’ll be teens.


I cant see the pics? :pout:

Aww Cristy, he’s so sweet! I love the last shot of both your little ones. :heart:

Does anyone know why its not showing up on my screen :verysad: I want to see the cute baby :teehee:

aww so cute :smiley:

I have a 2 and 1/2 yr old DD and a 5 1/2 mth old DS.

Knit Pixie, I’m sorry–I don’t know what’s wrong! Everyone else seems to be able to see it…

you know…a similar thing happened to me a day or two ago w/ the thread about the knitting sculpture…I never could see the pics but I could tell from everyone else’s replies that they could…

Maybe one of the Mods can give suggestions to make the pics show up on your screen??

I can’t see the pictures either. Are we supposed to click on a link? Disappointing!