Big yellow NeckDown Pullover for women (Pure & Simple)

I did it
I finished it

MMMMMMalabrigo Pollen
largest size in pattern
knit on size 10.5 and 8 instead of (6 and 9 as the pattern dictates)
I also knit the arms first, and although I decreased at a rate of every 4th round instead of every 3rd, and the arms still came out short, and I had to frog back to a safety line, and knit 2 more inches, with 2 more decreases in it (now the end of the sleeves is a little snug around my hands, but not around my wrists)
the body was supposed to stop at 24" I stopped mine at 26.5" before I did the curled edge
I also did 9 rows at each edge, not just 6, and I bound off with the needle size I knit the rest with

it (Obviously) fits, even ME
the woman at the Dentists office said “My Goodness, that is a BIG sweater” I told her “I am a BIG woman, I need it”

Now I M done, and I M SO proud

My goodness! You spent $100 on the yarn needed to make that shirt? :out: :noway: Oh well… it’s gorgeous!! :flirt:

It looks great on you! I made the same one for my first sweater. :wink:

That sweater is absolutly beautiful!!! :notworthy:

You should feel very proud of your self!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

That’s a really pretty color on you! It looks really comfy too!!

Cool. :cheering: Congratulations, your first (?) sweater fits perfectly!

It looks fabulous and probably feels even better! That’s a great color on you, too.

What a wonderful color! It looks really nice on you! :cheering:

congratulations! it’s beautiful, and it looks wonderful on you. you should be very proud!

You have every right to be very proud! The sweater is lovely and the color looks fabulous on you.

Beautiful color & great fit! :cheering:

Love the sweater and also LOVE your response to the receptionist!! :happydance:

Great colour and fits you great!!! :cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

thank you all
its cool enough to wear it today
so i will for the morning hours

and the lady in the dentists office was just another patient
the receptionist is the husband of my buddy atthe pet store
he would not DARE say anything like that (LOL)

I still :heart: love it :teehee:


Congratulations. You did a wonderful job on your sweater. It looks nice on you. I Love the colors too. :cheering:

Great job!! I just love the color!! :cheering: :cheering:

FABULOUS!!!1 It looks perfect on you - such a sunny color! And in MMmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo :passedout: It is perfect! :cheering:

Wow, that is beautiful! I bet it’s heavenly to wear too.

That is absolutely gorgeous!! Great job!