BIG yarn

Hello all…

I got a pattern I liked for a scarf I wanna do… but I Can’t seem to find any “BIG” yarn or ultra-bulky around here… yeah I know… our town sucks…

Anyway… what do you think I could go with… I picked up some “Homespun” yarn. but it doesnt’ seem bulky enough to be knit with size 35 needles…

Do you think holding 2 tog of the homespun might work?

Thanks for the help

I don’t think 2 strands of Homespun together will equal 1 strand of Big.
that Big stuff is definitely pretty big.
if you want some Big I can send you some, saw it at my Michaels.
LMK color, # of skeins, and PM me your snail addy.

I was out at michaels… didn’t see anything… but I Can check tomorrow… thanks for the info… I’ll let you know if I still can’t find it :slight_smile:

I know all Michaels are arranged different, but FWIW in my Michaels it’s at the VERY end of an aisle, I mean like, they have all the colors in a vertical column that’s only like 4" wide so if you even halfway blink you’ll miss it. LOL, even as big and bright as this stuff is!
the offer stands, keep me posted.

Thanks Jodi…

We are going there tonight, wife needs to pick some stuff up too :slight_smile:

I’ll let ya know :slight_smile:

Well nope… no “BIG” yarn… But I fond some Super Bulky Yarn that should work… we’ll see how it works… :slight_smile:

ok. good luck. offer still stands if you need it. :slight_smile:

Well if I remember correctly isn’t BIG super bulky yarn? According to the Lion Brand Site… I believe… I mean… it’s the closest thing I could ifnd… darned yarn stores :smiley: