Big Wal-Mart rant! - UPDATE added link to article

Okay, the town I live in has very little in the way of crafty type stores (only 2 quilt shops). Wal-Mart is just about the only option and it’s selection is poor.

Today I go into Wal-Mart and I am back in the crafts section.

They are getting rid of all their cross-stitch stuff! Ok, now I have NOWHERE to get plain ol’ DMC cross stitch floss, unless I drive a hour or more. :hair:

Pretty sad that I will now have to order $0.25 embroidery floss online. :sad:

How sad is that!

[I]ETA: Guess I am not the only one! [/I][I][/I]

pretty sure that i had read somewhere that the evil spawn was getting rid of their craft departments… or at least a very large portion of them.

yeah they are… my brother works for wally world and back this winter they started talking about cutting back… they have started and a lot is on clearance right now… it depends on your area and how much sales and all that blah blah… mom has another wally world the same distance in the other direction that is getting to keep theirs…that is all we have in town too and a small local yarn shop… we are suppose to keep ours…:shrug:

I hate Wal-Mart. Just one more reason to hate them. Blah.

My town is unfortunately large enough to have two stores. One has a craft department and the other doesn’t. Generally, their selection stinks!!!

Well I suppose in protest you could follow the “suggestions” in this thread.

Bummer. :’(

I refuse to shop at Wal-mart.

They’ve destroyed the soul and spirit of so many towns. I remember doing a road trip 15 years ago across the Western Canada and into the US. I was taken by all the cool little towns and the thriving downtown/independent stores on Main Street Everytown.

Now I go through these same towns and the ones with a Wal-mart have downtowns like look like ghost towns. :mad:

Check out ‘Wal-Mart:High Cost of Low Prices’

A quote from the article in the first post:

“Wal-Mart spokeswoman Tara Raddohl said that she didn’t know exactly how many stores no longer have fabric departments and that the company is still evaluating the project. But in general, she said, fabric has been a declining business for the company, and officials have been happy with sales in stores where it has replaced those items with party supplies.”

Well, when a store stocks the crappiest cheapest stuff, what do they expect? Around here, you are lucky to get a wool-blend yarn, much less a luxury yarn such as alpaca, mohair or cashmere.

I loathe Wal-la-land.

Wal-mart has always been good to me. :shrug:

Edit: Except one store in FL. :ick:

I go to wal-mart all the time… I wish they still had lay-a-ways though… I’d like to talk to the person who thought hey, let’s take that away… I used it for school shopping and Christmas :teehee:…

The other bad thing about WM is they have run all the small store out of business. My town used to have a LYS and a hobby store.

If WM stops carry crafts where we will we go? I guess we can only hope that the small stores will came back. That will be a good thing.


The town I live in fought getting a Wal-Mart for a long time, and they lost. Now the area around it is getting built up (do we really need another strip mall with yet another cell phone store?) and traffic is a nightmare some days. The aisles are crowded, some of them I’ve been into are really dirty, and it seems to be a magnet for people who bring their ill mannered kids and don’t make them behave. I go there for some things (like toothpaste and deodorant), but big stores and low prices will never, ever replace the person in the small store behind the counter who really knows their stuff and will take the time help you out, answer your questions, and steer you towards the best product for your needs than try to sell you the most expensive thing in the store or meet you with the blankest of stares when you ask them a question.

I went to get some plain ole black DMC floss for a quilt I’m making for detail work. Nope…in the ONE isle of craft items. AND they closed my Joann’s in my neighborhood too. So, I did get to go to the local needlework shop to buy my floss, but geesh…SO very frustrating. But, it’s so small, that it might be a theft risk???

A new very “high end” shopping center is opening in my area in the next couple of months. There was a piece of property adjacent to it and guess who’s developing that? Wal-mart! That makes 3, count 'em 3, Wal-marts along the same stretch of highway within 9 miles of each other.

I hate wal-marts. Cheap Chinese crap that is killing our pets and kids.

Okay, just to clarify, I don’t like going to Wal-Mart. I do must of my shopping at other stores, but Wal-Mart was the ONLY place in town to get DMC floss. Now I don’t even have that. The yarn selection isn’t great either, but with no yarn shop in town and only a tiny selection of yarn at the local quilt shop at least I can get SOME yarn there…

Man, I wish I was back “home” with a real LNS and LYS!!!

They probably didn’t sell very much of it and that’s why they’re getting rid of it. I heard they’re doing away with the fabric area because it requires a person to be there to cut the fabric for you. My local Wally had a very limited selection of embroidery floss. Now all the bins are empty. Most of the clothing section is dedicated to clearance items because they don’t sell. The old photo studio is now a clearance area for big ticket items like TV’s and furniture, so it’s not just the craft items they’re not selling much of, either.

My DH and I were talking about Wal-Mart getting rid of the crafts/fabrics issue in general, and he thinks that maybe because most people aren’t buying fabric and craft supplies and other non-craft items at Wal-Mart, the playing field is becoming a bit more level and that people are seeing that low prices alone is not a good deal if the quality of the merchandise is poor and the customer service is poor, too. There’s also the reports that their sales are down because the people who shop there for the low prices don’t have as much money to spend now than they did before, so a lot of this could be a knee jerk reaction on the part of Wal-Mart to cut costs because their sales are down, but they may be only cutting off their nose to spite their face.

They just replaced the regular wal-mart a block from teh school I work at with a “super one”. However they got rid of the fabric department(they have a few craft essentials). Now there is no place for our FACS (home ec) department to go without traveling 30 minutes. :hair: They are losing lots of business just with that.

Where I live (in the 30 minutes away town) Hancocks has stopped selling knitting supplies. A hobby lobby has opened up. They have a huge selection, but they don’t carry what I am accustomed to using and don’t have what y’all recommend (no 100% cotton). I hate Wal-Mart but they have the stuff I use, I just don’t know for how long. :shrug:

I used to be fine with my town’s Walmart craft section. They sell yarn (Bernat, Red Heart…), fabric, and other crafting supplies. The last time I was in that department I was looking for a pattern for my halloween costume. They didn’t have it and the lady working there said that they hadn’t received any new patterns since February. :mad:

I can only assume that they are going to be slowly shutting down that department in a few months time if this is the case. Now when I want to sew something I’ll have to drive an hour to the city which has 2 Fabriclands…sigh

For yarn and notions I’m fine though because i just found that my town has a craft store a little ways off of main street. It has a better selection of yarn (Paton’s, but at least it’s the real stuff and not acrylic…) and needles. I’m pretty excited and plan to buy whatever crafting stuff I need there (besides fabric and patterns). Plus it’s locally owned and the lady who runs the store is knowledgeable so I won’t feel bad buying stuff from Walmart. I feel like I loose part of my soul when I shop there sometimes…