Big Thank You from Newbie Poster

:heart: I can’t thank this site enough and all you knitters for helping me finally understand how to do the “Continental” style knitting and dp knitting. I don’t know how many books I’ve read about both but nothing made sense. Decided to finally join the forum after several months of lurking. Right now working on 3 sweaters (one for my hubby, one for my mother, and one for me)…trying to avoid having to turn on the heat…would rather buy yarn and needles than pay for natural gas. :roflhard:

Got hooked on Brittany needles 2 years ago, hubby bought me a set of the straight needles, bought myself a set of the dps…now I lust after Lantern Moon. Going to try to get one set a month.

Again thanks for all the help…and will probably ask for more as I’m determined to design my own sweaters :??


LM needles sure are purdy… :drool: Ive never used them! :oops:

Hi Beth! :waving:

Hi Beth! :waving: Glad to have you here!

Thanks for the welcome :smiley:

Kelly, just started with my first LM tonight…it was Wonderful!! So smooth knitting. Well, I guess I could be addicted to something that was bad for me. :wink:

OMG! I just looked up LM and THOSE ARE AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so bloodthirsty for some :twisted: I’m so glad this forum has helped you! It’s helped me a lot too, and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome Beth :happydance: :happydance: ! I have to agree with you, I couldn’t get the groove of conti knitting until I watched Amy doing it…seeing a video is much more helpful than just looking in a book!
oooooo Lantern Moon needles are so very, very pretty!! I am currently in the process of buying addi’s … along with my gazillion others…I am afraid to actually touch the LMs…LOL…I don’t need another needle ‘must have’ :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: Looking forward to getting to know another :XX: friend :wink:

Welcome, LM Needle Fanatic! You’re going to just love it here!!

I could not agree more! I LOVE LM needles too, and I can’t wait until I can afford some more!!! (Like in all sizes :happydance: :heart:)

Good luck on the sweaters, and I love the logic, too :roflhard: I will have to remember that one next time I get caught getting a box of yarn :thinking: Gee, honey…I am knitting us all sweaters so we don’t have to use the heat so much. Wonder if it would work :thinking: :??

Angela~ I found out about LM’s from lurking on this board! Now I’m finding about sites to buy beautiful yarns.

Rebecca~ The video did it for me too, for the life of me couldn’t get it from a book. I had the same reaction to the LMs when I first saw them. Told myself if I ever bought them I’d probably hang them on the wall as a decoration.

SoapDoc~ Thanks, I’m loving it here already. I think the sweater/heat logic will work…for this year anyway. Will use it myself for my needle purchases (and I feel some yarn, swift, and ball winder purchases coming over me) :roflhard: