Big stitches with fancy stitch markers

My LYS had handmade stitchmarkers and I couldn’t stop thinking about the penguins so I had to go back and get them. I told her I’d never used ones with charms before and would probably only use them for socks and she said they’d work fine…but…

Soooo I replace them into the sock I was 2/3 done with and kept going. There was just 1 at first for the beginning of the round and the stitch after it got a little bigger, but when I pulled the cloth apart it wasn’t too much bigger than the others. Now I’m to the toe, which I do on 1 small circular with 2 more markers to show me when to decrease and those now have huge stiches after them where the charms pull on it when it’s going around the needle. I’ll have to work backwards to get to before those stitches now.

My question is why did this happen? Is it me and my knitting tension? Is it the 1 circular needle? Is it the yarn? Would it work better with thicker sock yarn? Or no more using them with socks period?

I really want to use them cause they’re so cute, but if they’ll ruin my work I guess I can’t.

Please and thank you to anyone who can help!! :cheering:

Are they at the end of the needle? That could come from just uneveness when you switch the needle you’re working on. The sts should even out a lot when you wash the socks.