Big stitches at end of rows!

I am knitting my first article of clothing where this actually matters, so I guess it’s time to get help: the stitches at the ends of my rows, both purl and knit, are twice the size of all of my other stitches. Is there a trick to fix this?

Are you slipping stitches at the beginning of each row?? If so, that would explain it.

Otherwise, what works for me is to knit (or purl, whatever the directions are) the first stitch of the row, then put the needle in to knit the second stitch but before wrapping the yarn around, give the working yarn a good tug to snug up the first stitch really well.

Knitqueen is right. Since there is no other stitch to hold those last stiches in place, it’s looser. Just give it a tug for the first couple of stitches after you turn your work. Everyone’s first st is a little loose, but you come to automatically tighted it up. Plus, if the edges will be seamed, you’ll never see it anyway.

as a new knitter though you have to be careful to not start automatically tightening all your stitches like that first one. Just do the first one or your stitches will be too tight to knit into!

okay now that big brother is over i must go read now :smiley: