Big sale at my LYS Saturday

So I get a flyer from my LYS (which, I admit, I haven’t been frequenting as much lately) advertising a sale on Saturday, 5/6. They’ll open at 7 a.m. & the earlier you arrive, the bigger your discount. You get there 7-8 a.m., your discount is 40% off everything you buy. 8-9, 30%, etc. After regular opening hours, 10% off the rest of the day.

I’m trying not to hyperventilate. I’m going to go through all my mags, books, etc. this week & see what all I need because I’m going to stock up like crazy come Saturday. And I’ll be there at 6:59! :happydance:

Wow! What an awesome sale!

I think I’d be bringing my sleeping bag and camping out at the door! LOL

Oh wow! I wish my LYS would do that! That would be one Saturday morning where I wouldn’t be getting DH a coffee on my way home from work. I’d also be doubly sure that I didn’t have to work late that day… I start paging for the floor clean-up at 5 am instead of 6:30. :wink: Not taking any chances to lose 10%!!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

:smiley: How cool is that?!! I wish one of my LYS would do that…I so want to stock up on some bamboo :smiley:


I had a nightmare last night that Saturday was here & due to us having houseguests & DH plunking around & not taking care of the kids, I was running late for the sale! I was highly P.O.'d! :rofling: Saturday needs to hurry up & get here before I completely lose my mind!

I was running late for the sale!