Big Project

I’ve not posted much because I’m doing a poncho for son. It’s going to take a while since I’m not knitting 8 hours a day any more. (I’ve been given a pair of budgies and my inner child has jumped out and been having soooo much fun with them! (They’re fairly ‘wild’ so no holding, just enjoying.) hehehh) So big project… huge distraction makes for less posts. But the poncho is going to be great. Stripped with different blues. I’ll be making two pieces and just seam up the shoulders. Nothing fancy, but lots of hours. It’s soothing work; I can watch the budgies while I do it! hehehhe

Hope you’re all well. And happily knitting for those you love, or for charity, or whomever. Yourself is certainly worthy of knitting too. Happy knitting!

It sounds like you are enjoying those budgies! Your post sounds so happy and peaceful! Thank you for the well wishes. Good luck with your poncho!

Those budgies ought to keep you good company as you knit!

Have fun knitting with your little bud(g)dies :teehee:

I have a cockatiel (Squeaker) and a budgie(Paulie) too-well, the parakeet is actually my 9yr old son’s. They are so much fun and brighten my day!

The poncho sounds really nice!