Big patchwork baby blanket (almost finnished with tucking in the ends)

I started this project in May of last year, making 56 squares of different stitch types

By January, I had all the squares put together and I added three rows of crochet border. Most of the ends are tucked in by now.

to give you an idea of just how big this blannet is now, that is a double bed that it is lying on for this picture

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=purple]Very pretty!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

WOW, that’s big! It’s beautiful, nice job! :slight_smile:

That’s very nice! Was it fun learning all the different patterns?

Who says a blanket has to be any particular size?

yes it was fun, although some of the patterns lend themselves better to a blanket than others
I did seed stitch, bordered stickinette, garter stitch, knit two rows purl two rows, and mock rib
some of these stitch patterns I got off of lion brand
and I agree, who says size matters when it comes to baby blankets?:teehee: :woot: :woohoo:

Wow, that is too cool! Were all the stitch patterns different?

I bet that helped you from getting bored with such a big project…who is the lucky recipient?

Wow! Now that’s a blanket!

Wow! What an interesting and varied project. And best of all a wonderful result. Fantastic!!!


:heart: Beautiful work!!!

That is very nice. How did you put it together if you don’t mind me asking

That’s so lovely and cozy looking too. I’ve never regretted making my grandchildren’s baby blankets big–they use them until they are 4 or 5, and they can still cover up! I admire you for sewing all those together. That takes patience and good eyesight! Great job.

Looks great. Pretty colour.

i seamed it together with whipstitch.

WOW i love it. that must have taken SOOO much work.

What a lovely blanket and it must have been great learning all the different stitches.

:inlove: very pretty, great job!