BIG OT: woe is me: sick sick sick of being sick

I can’t help posting! I’m so sick of being sick and staying inside!
woe woe woe is me. Get this: right before Christmas I went out for dinner in 3 1/2" high heel boots. Two days later I couldn’t move. Somehow it threw my back out… I had injured my back last summer LAYING A SLATE PATIO ALL BY MYSELF duh and it set it off again. It hurt so bad for 2 weeks, all through the holidays, I couldn’t sit, had to stand or walk or lay down. Couldn’t put a sock on.
(I didn’t even bother posting it it was just too much)

Went to the doctor this past Monday finally and he gave me a steroid shot in the lower back and put me on anti-infammatory pills. Now I need some physical therapy which I was supposed to start today but I wake up
with MY HUSBAND’S FEROCIOUS COLD he just got over. So many people sick out there, I heard it yesterday… cashiers saying “Ohhhhh I don’t feel so well.” Boo hoo. I want to go out but I can’t!

Knitting helps. If I lay down on the bed I feel dizzy, if I concentrate on my knitting I feel better. Amazing.

I so sorrwey you sick V…

Hope you feel better soon.

Tanks guys! Dee…your tiger made me laugh. :rofl:

It’s good you can still knit- I was really sick with a sinus infection over Christmas, and I couldn’t knit, it was just too much for my brain to handle! :doh:
Anyway, I hope you get to feeling better soon. :hug:

Thanks Mariblue (what a pretty name). Wow, my husband has sinus infections, headaches every few weeks… those are so painful. I can see how you couldn’t knit. Funny how Christmas brings out all these aches and pains…


Hope you feel better soon! :hug:

So sorry you’ve got a cold when your back is out. Not FAIR! Hope your recovery is quick! :hug:

So sorry you’ve got a cold when your back is out. NOT FAIR! Hope your recovery is quick! Personally, I think whining help speed the healing process! and my shoulder hurts today and I feel Miserable, too! There–I am feeling better already. :hug:

Thanks, Mariblue is my online name, my real name is Marilee. :teehee:
I’m prone to sinus infections too. I get one every other month or so. I found that using a combination of Zicam and Airborne really help to wipe out any cold virus quickly. I haven’t had nearly so many sinus infections since I started combining those two cold remedies.

Why is that so true!??? HA! It DOES feel better to whine, I guess that’s why I did it! Spread the pain around like butter. So many people here are involved with incredible pain (like a son missing in the war or cancer of a beloved one) I try not to whine but sometimes it just helps.

Marilee! I will tell my husband about that combination because he suffers too often from sinus headaches. He read an article a few months ago that said there are no such things as sinus headaches, they are really migraines. Interesting theory but I don’t know if it’s true.

So sorry you’re feeling miserable! I’m right there with you…I have been cooped up all week with a very sick daughter and on Tuesday I picked up her awful cold (no pinkeye though, she’s kept that to herself). I’ve had a cough for about 6 weeks, and I was really trying not to complain – but now that I have the full-on-cold misery, I’m feeling very :!!!: I can’t spin or knit. :!!!:

But yeah, it pales in comparison to what people around us are going through…one of my husband’s coworkers was just diganosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer :pout: :pout: :pout:

:hug: :hug: :hug:

Know how you feel with the back thing! Mine’s had me in pieces since April and I’ve been in a wheelchair since September and on the waiting list for surgery now.

Its the frustration of it thats the worst though isn’t it.

And to have a cold too!!! Try not to sneeze and cough to much! You have my sympathy :hug: :muah: :hug:

Oh boo, so sorry to hear about your needing surgery and being in a wheelchair Niffer, that’s so tough. You’re in south Wales? One place I’ve always wanted to visit.

Julie, six weeks of coughing! That’s terrible. What the heck. Are you drinking green tea? We got two kinds and I’m trying to drink a lot of it (although I prefer scotch at night :teehee: )
Hot toddys, now that’s a nice drink. A little whiskey or scotch or rum, some lemon juice, honey and hot water. IF you’re able to drink of course. What a bummer you can’t knot or spin.
Hope you feel better soon. (hope I can learn to spin soon)

As bad as I feel today I"m glad I could check in here.
Thanks all! :hug:


I hope you you’re feeling better. :hug:

My Rx: continue with the anti-inflammatories; REST in comfortable position; apply local heat (heating pad). Add a muscle relaxant if you have anything on hand (Soma, Valium, Robaxin).

Call me in the morning. :teehee:


Wow, thanks Lando… my god I went and REINJURED me back by picking up my big heavy cat this morning. I just don’t believe it. It’s like the steroid shot he gave me in my back wore off too, I am in incredilbe pain again, and the stupid cold is going too. On the heating pad, in bed, couldn’t even go to church again… I appreciate the advice esp about muscle relaxant… will look into that. All I take is Advil and it’s not enough! Thanks so much.

Gotta get off this chair quick!

[color=indigo]Vic, with the usual back injuries such as you describe, the problem involves both inflammation and spasm. Hence the utility of muscle relaxants. Local steroid injections can provide some relief, but not usually complete or lasting. Actually, low dose oral steroids are preferred over time. Take care with numerous injections of anything into the spine.

BTW, many patients report somewhat better effects by combining ibuprofin with aspirin. No problem, as long as you do not have a sensitive stomach.

Please keep us posted, chere.

PS: What did you think about the guanaco & vicuna pix I posted for you?

Lando :hug: :hug: [/color]

WOW! You poor thing. Feel better soon. :hug:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx