Big-Needle Knit Afghans

I bought this book about a month ago, because I really like some of the patterns that were in it… Well, the other day, I was on Amazon & the reviews of the book all said that there were TONS of errors with the patterns.
I called “House of White Birches” customer service to ask them if errors were common in their books. I also wanted the revised patterns.
The customer service rep told me that “the book has errors for beginners, but a seasoned knitter would have no problem with the patterns, as is”.

So I have a dumb question… Isn’t an error an error… reguardless if your a newbie or experienced???

I was able to see where many of the mistakes were, but they’er STILL mistakes… Has anyone alse had any problems with this book or other books by this publishing company???

WTF??? :shock: They should STILL make the pattern corrections available!!! What poor customer relations!

That IS ridiculous! White Birches caters to new knitters by putting out lots of books for “simple, quick, big-needle” type stuff. The fact that they assume you’ll figure it out just tells me they can’t be bothered. I’ll keep that in mind if the future.

I guess I could understand having an “advanced” pattern tell you to “work in a moss stitch for 6 rows”, then decrease to 50 sts… That would require a little bit of knitting knowledge…
But when a pattern tells you to “cast on 150 sts”, but should really say to “cast on 250 sts”… that’s a BIG problem. Even an advanced knitting like Ingrid would have a slight problem with those instructions…

Okay, I have this book; but it’s on loan to a very good friend…do you have a # that I can call, too?! I want the errors corrected, as well! If you prefer not to put it on the thread, just pm me, please…BUT I will certainly call. Thanks for the heads up! I actually have 2 of their books, but haven’t actually made one of their afghans (I a bit of a book…junkie!)

[size=6]1-260-589-4000 x333[/size], Marge will answer the phone (she’s nice, but feels that an experienced knitter should be able to adapt to any error in the book)

oooooooooooh Marge is in trouble now!! :rofling:

Glen, my book is on loan to a friend, do you by any chance know the specific pattern/patterns that have the errors? I would like to have my ammo, I mean info when I call…because we WILL end up with the mistakes corrected somewhere! They can easily do so on the website!! I call & write people ALL OF THE TIME when I get excellent service, I’m that kinda girl…I’ll also give you a call/calls if you don’t fix the problem on hand :mad:
That’s simply ridiculous and shows a very large lack of professionalism.
My apologies, I don’t often get mad & I certainly contain it to myself rather than voicing it in a public forum…but, my reasoning is perhaps others could give Marge a ring if you have the book :wink:

[size=6]Errored patterns are:[/size]
Tile Paths (page 83)
Bunches of Violets (page 95)
Nature’s First Green (page 115)
Dimentional Triangles (page 140)
Celtic Tradition (page 144)
Basket Weave & Cable (Page 157)
Cable & Diamonds (page 160)
Five Easy Cables (page 136)
Ruby Red (page 142)
Morning Sunlight (page 20)
Heart of Mine (page 20)
Star Quilt (page 29)
Blue Bells (page 38)
Lavender Mist (page 52)
Jewel Tones (page 54)
Diamond Lace (page 78)

What’s really funny, is that the 3 pages of corrections have a few TYPE-Os!!!

Nothing like quality control! :rollseyes:

I also have this book and I am working the Cables & Diamond Afghan on page 160 designed by Susan Robicheau. I am finding errors and don’t know where to go to get corrections. Any help would be appreciated.


Did that person mention when (or if) they are planning on publishing a list of corrections??? (even online would be better than nothing)

I got that book once through InterLibrary Loan and copied some of the patterns out of it…so I’m interested too!!!


:noway: I’m an experienced knitter, and I regularly get confused by patterns that have nothing wrong with them! There is no way I could figure out errors in a pattern without ripping out my work as well as my hair several times over. Highly questionable kind of customer support!
Marge: :fingerwag: not good enough!!