Big Needle Fantasy

[color=indigo]I would love to hear from anyone about how you may have used [size=6]Very Large Needles[/size] (US 27-50) in any unusual, counterintuitive, creative, or fun ways. Any and all info - descriptions, pix, or links will be appreciated. :woot:

I have been unable to find many interesting patterns/projects on the Net. :?? :

Cheers,[/color] :happydance:

Probably make a handy club. :rofl:

i found some funny pictures…

Some woman used these needles, made from a garden hose:

to make THIS gigantic baseball thingy…

[color=indigo]I LOVE those needles with the hose! Wow! Where can I contact that person? :heart:

Cheers,[/color] :cheering:

here’s the website

[color=indigo]Wow. She is really creative . . . and prolific.


I’ve used US 50s before. Lion Brand actually has many projects for these - they call them “speed stix”. I made the 4 hour baby afghan and it was FAST!!

They aren’t my favorite, that is for sure, but if you need a project fast and have bulky yarn that is the way to go! There are several books on big needle knitting that I’ve seen too.

[color=indigo]Thanks, Sara Jayne. I found a few Lion Brand patterns, and I’ll keep looking.[/color]

When I first got my speed stix, I used them to pick a fight with my cat - who usually picks fights with all of my other needles.

He still won, I have a scar to prove it! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: